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  • Domo

    DesignDomo Domo®Eco domes Shelters for Sustainable Development & Unique Event Venues Prev projectL'Olivier Restaurant, Hilton HotelsAll Projects Let’s work together on your

  • L’Olivier Restaurant, Hilton Hotels

    DesignL’Olivier Restaurant, Hilton Hotels L'Olivier RestaurantHilton Hotels & Resorts Prev projectWorkwiseAll ProjectsNext projectDomo Let’s work together on your next project Contact us

  • Workwise

    DesignWorkwise WorkwiseDigital recruitment agency. Prev projectJuke Net Box MusicAll ProjectsNext projectL'Olivier Restaurant, Hilton Hotels Let’s work together on your next project Contact

  • Juke Net Box Music

    DesignJuke Net Box Music Jet Net Box MusicJNB, the Virtual Jukebox.The  app that allows you to find, vote and share music with

  • inFinicom

    DesigninFinicom inFinicominFinicom is a french startup specializing in the design of premium goodies and business gifts. ChallengeOur mission was to simplify the

  • Arouna Bakery & CafĂ©

    DesignArouna Bakery & Café Arouna - Café, Bakery & Pastry14 years in Bali, allowed Arouna to understand and explore the  culture while

  • Gemography

    DesignGemography ChallengeGemographyGemography marketplace is an app that exposes  candidate pipeline progress to CTO clients. It focuses on shortlisted candidates and the result